Indonesia to speed adult recover of Lion Air pile-up report: Safety group conduct – Channel NewsAsia

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JAKARTA: Indonesia will dive a recover of a news on a Oct pile-up of Lion Air Boeing 737, a conduct of a nation’s ride reserve cabinet pronounced on Friday (Mar 15). 

The crash, that killed all 189 people on board, was a initial worldwide of Boeing Co’s new 737 MAX jet. A second lethal occurrence occurred on Sunday with a pile-up of an Ethiopian Airlines MAX jet that killed all 157 people on board.

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Soerjanto, a conduct of reserve group KNKT, told Reuters a review into a Lion Air pile-up would be speeded adult and a news will be expelled in July-August, progressing than a strange timeline of August-September.

The means of a Indonesian pile-up is still being investigated. A rough news by KNKT in November, before a retrieval of a cockpit voice recorder, focused on upkeep and training and a response of a Boeing anti-stall complement to a recently transposed sensor, though gave no reason for a crash.

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Indonesia skeleton to send a moody examiner and an central from KNKT to Ethiopia to assistance with a examine into Sunday’s crash, tentative capitulation from Ethiopian authorities, Soerjanto said.

“Yesterday morning, we communicated with Boeing, a US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and a National Transportation Safety Board in Ethiopia, though we have nonetheless to sell information,” Soerjanto said, adding that they had requested a formula of a review into a plane’s black boxes.

“As there is no certainty from Boeing and FAA, we will continue to disciple for a Boeing Max 8 planes to stay grounded.”

US lawmakers pronounced on Thursday that Boeing Co’s 737 MAX 8 and 9 planes will be grounded for weeks if not longer until a program ascent can be tested and installed, as officials in France prepared to start examining a black boxes from a jet that crashed in Ethiopia.


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