NYP connoisseur worked 12-hour shifts during holidays to assistance with family finances – The New Paper

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Last week, he graduated as a tip tyro in his march and was a target of a Lee Kuan Yew Award, though when he was in delegate school, it did not demeanour like he would grasp that.

“I didn’t investigate a lot when we was younger and roughly didn’t make it to poly,” pronounced Mr Lau Jun Wei, 19, who finished a diploma in aeronautical and aerospace record during Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP).

While he was a tyro there, he worked opposite jobs, including pulling 12-hour shifts as a room assistant, during his propagandize holidays, to assistance with his family’s finances.

Mr Lau told The New Paper that to stay on tip of his propagandize work, he would find any giveaway time he had to revise.

He said: “I would review by my records after work before we went to nap or on a train on a approach to work.”

In August, Mr Lau will be representing Singapore in a general WorldSkills foe in Kazan, Russia.

(From left) Miss Siti Nurhajah Haron and Mr Lau Jia Liang.

It is a skill-based height foe for youth, in opposite sectors, and Mr Lau will be participating in aircraft maintenance.

Having been by 1,000 hours of training before he competed for a bullion award in Singapore, he feels a outrageous clarity of honour when he looks during a award as it reminds him of all he has been through.

He told TNP: “Now I’m both vehement and shaken about representing Singapore in Russia. It is a outrageous honour and we don’t wish to destroy my country, though it is also for myself and we shouldn’t highlight myself too much. we am really assured with my training and being a tip 3 might be possible.”

Mr Lau did not tell his relatives about his awards, and they were totally astounded during his graduation.

He said: “They were so repelled and unapproachable of me, they both didn’t design me to grasp so most since we wasn’t good in my studies when we was younger.”

Juniors of Mr Lau have started promulgation him messages to tell him that they wish to follow in his footsteps.

He said: “I’m really unapproachable that we can be a purpose model, we never suspicion that it would ever be possible.”


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