Man Utd’s dual tip group hammered; rapist Solskjaer mistake –

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Manchester United fans collect a skeleton out of final night’s 3-0 humbling by Barcelona in a Nou Camp, all in Your Says of a Day.


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‘World-class players?’

Lol Pogba and De Gea a presumably usually universe category players carrying another sad diversion 😅 I’m not even p*ssed to be honest, a captain a universe category goalkeeper and one a world’s “best” midfielders competing for misfortune actor of a game, no heart no enterprise a rest were usually using around clueless anyway now it’s not usually 3 or 4 players it’s a finish renovate tip to bottom bad OGS we wish a house supports him



“One or dual additions in a summer” Ole said. Good fitness with that!
Problem is we have no correct striker,no right winger,no correct cmf players,no correct cb,no correct fullbacks,no correct owners,no DoF. And a so called worldclass players we have have no genius to play a diversion of football. Good Luck Ole!



‘Choosing Young was criminal’

There was a time that we would be sad after a CL elimination, though not anymore. It shows where a standards have fallen.

Do we censure Solskjaer for a defeat? Not that most – selecting Young is rapist though it’s not like we have any sure-in replacements. We indispensable someone to run adult front and Lingard was meant to yield that (like he did during a winning run), Lukaku and Sanchez simply aren’t good adequate usually like Lingard though during slightest a latter could yield running.

The loyal criminals in all this is tip government who have authorised a peculiarity to dump down to this turn given they were appointed. We are miles behind Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Man City, Liverpool…. even Ajax, Porto, Bayern Munich and others are improved than us.

Clubs have built adult from reduce than we are though it will take a lot of time and money, and no necessity of heart and passion from whoever is partial of this group (on a margin or off it).

Just wish these players to get Top 4 compartment a finish of a deteriorate and afterwards wish a Glazers and Woodward support Solskjaer – that’s all any of us can wish for.

Sympathy for a devils


Solskjaer’s ‘tactical nous’ underneath fire

Men opposite boys out there currently fellas. Fair dos to Messi’s initial idea that was an positively belting shot after a standard bungled fortifying cameo by Young though De Gea’s blunder for a second killed a diversion and after that we looked to be a punching bag eleven gripping Barcelona fit in one of their training sessions.

This Barcelona group isn’t unequivocally that good and will substantially be knocked out by improved antithesis in this competition.

I am not too dissapoint today, it feels some-more like a acknowledgment of how distant off a gait we are in Europe’s chosen competition. Pains me to contend though to travel divided with a entertain final run in a Champions League with this patrol is an above standard performance. We are so balderdash and so distant off a approaching standards that we am dull to these form of results.

Solskjaer showed me zero to infer that he has any of a tactical nous to conduct during this turn today. we don’t know what a diversion devise was today, no settlement of play, possession, or aggressive upsurge was evident. Watch Ajax violence Juventus and it’s transparent as day that some prohibited blooded youngsters with a devise can always trouble some-more gifted and sublime players.

I will give OGS a advantage of a doubt given he is still perplexing to cobble Christian Louboutin out of rabbit skin though his diversion government and strategy are still out for jury.

@redblood. How was a atmosphere there during a Nou Camp? You have any fun examination that?



Prem tip 4 bid could go adult in fume too…

Roll on a summer lads. Cant see us removing 4 points out of a subsequent 3 PL games so that’ll be tip 4 finished as well. The usually good thing about tonight was that i didn’t go to a game. Don’t consider i could have behaved myself examination that sh*te and carrying to listen to a sanctamonisous Barca crowd. Sad thing is that a scousers should put that Barca side to a sword simply enough.



The usually approach joined can start severe is with arab oil money, from a tip to a bottom a bar is decaying to a core. Glazers need to go, there need to be change of structure with a football executive in place. Then there need to be a transparent out of passed woods there should be a transparent out years ago though due to a structure of a bar too many mistakes were done no burden a managers took all a blame.



We had 3 shots on aim in 180 mins – 1 shot each hour.

All a aggressive players should hang their f*cking heads in contrition during that stat. But they wont.
This is United underneath Woodward where medocrity is distinguished and rewarded in equal measure.

We are headed for a abyss, if we are not there already.



Ole fails


Manchester United have mislaid 4 uninterrupted divided matches in all competitions for a initial time given Oct 1999 Ole featured in all 4 of those 1999 defeats. Recurrence.

Lol reset buttons all over a f**king place skip out on CL buy to get behind in though not while finishing 2nd destroy again buy again what a catastrophic using of a club!



Nine who need to move

Solskjaer has some tough decisions to make between now and a finish of a send window. Martial, Pogba, De Gea, Rashford and Shaw are players we should be looking to supplement to though are not good adequate during this impulse in time.

Young, Herrera, Mata, Darmain, Jones, Rojo, Valencia, Sanchez and Bailly need to move.

Smalling, Fred, McTominay, Dalot, Lakaku, Lindelof, Matic and Lingard are initial group players not looking like prolonged tenure solutions.

Good luck.



Players stepped off a peddle

The players are too censure for a final integrate of weeks. Since Ole sealed a agreement for apropos manager, a players stepped of a peddle to perform. Before he sealed everybody was drifting and played a United, though demeanour during us now!! Sad in words!!

Pogba is distant a best before Ole signed, now he is a misfortune of them all, his conduct is during RM and he wants some-more money. For Young he is too aged for this level. Fred is a misfortune signing. Which South American actor has been shining for United?? No one and we still buy South American players, do we never learn. Jones is diseased and too most injured. DDG merit a income what Sanchez is getting, he explanation that over a years. Talking about Sanchez, he is not even perplexing to collect 500K per week by being harmed or personification poor!! We need to boat out players who doesn’t wish to perform for a manager and club. We all saw that they can and could do that!! Top 4 is distant away!!

Talking about a match, utterly simple, we never ever give Barca so many room to fire from distance, they valid that 3 times….the compare was already diversion over by that. we switched to a Juve vs Ajax match, that was some match. Ajax played extraordinary and they get not paid much, a play with passion and quarrel all a way.



Jones nutmeg

Paper quote – Ronay:
“On a cadence of half-time Lionel Messi did something awful, though also utterly funny, to Phil Jones. Messi had spent a prior 45 mins picking adult a round in half-spaces and using in a array of malicious repetitions during Jones and Chris Smalling.

This time Messi took a round usually past a centre circle. He saw a space forward of him. He also saw Jones forward of him. As a United male veered behind into his trail there was a nutmeg so peaceful it was roughly loving.

The Camp Nou let out a roar. Jones surged behind gamely though could usually watch as Messi jinked past a other way, teasing him a approach we competence provoke a fond, friendly aged family dog with a paper cone on a conduct and one good eye.”

I’d take a one-eyed dog over half that group final nite….



Major problems

Major vital vital problem. we always pronounced midfield was a biggest problem, nonetheless adult front isn’t distant behind. Well if Pogba goes and clearly Matic, Herrera, Pereira and, let’s face it, McTominay usually aren’t good enough, we need a whole new midfield. And that’s me giving Fred a advantage of a doubt that will substantially come behind to haunt me.

And we know what? We’ll substantially move in one midfielder in a summer given this lot that run a club, including Solskjaer, indeed consider that list of players above are good enough. Frightening! We’re f*cked.






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