TangoTab, an app to feed a hungry, is launched during Singapore’s initial food bank village eventuality – The Straits Times

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SINGAPORE – Singapore’s initial food bank fed 1,000 people in need on Saturday (April 13) during a initial village rendezvous event.

The Food Bank Singapore (FBSG), that was determined in 2012 with a aim to be a organization that mainly coordinates all food donations in Singapore, is a purebred charity. It now has over 300 non-government organisations underneath a network of members, and reaches out to some-more than 150,000 beneficiaries.

Held during City Square Mall in Kitchener Road, a village rendezvous eventuality had activities such as cooking demonstrations, booths providing information on sustainability efforts and talks on food distrust and food rubbish issues.

At a event, amicable impact app TangoTab was launched in Singapore.

Founded in 2012 by telecoms and Internet businessman Andre Angel, TangoTab has donated over 3 million dishes to partners in a United States.

In Singapore, it will work with FBSG as a gift of choice.

Every time a caf� checks in to a partner investiture on a app, TangoTab creates a concession to FBSG to feed a inspired person.

According to investigate findings, 7 in 10 Singaporeans sup out for dinner, and some-more than 6 eat out for lunch each week, TangoTab pronounced in a press statement.

Mr Angel pronounced that Singapore was selected as it is seen as a tight-knit village and where people caring about their neighbours.

“In Singapore, one in 10 people go to bed inspired each night. This launch of a TangoTab app in Singapore is usually a initial step of us formulating a tolerable impact in this city to assistance feed a food insecure,” he said.

“We are here to stay and we know that together with FBSG, we can possibly finish craving or come unequivocally tighten to doing so.”

Mr Nicholas Ng, co-founder of FBSG, pronounced that a organization has always been looking during “innovative partnerships” to serve their cause.

“Together as a community, we are means to take larger strides for all,” he said.


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